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Smart investment, easy solution, real impact

Landed was founded to respond to the limited housing support options available for our most critical community members: essential professionals.

Now, Landed has expanded to support a wider variety of organizations to develop programs that help increase access to homeownership. As the first and only fintech company in this space, we make it easy to establish shared appreciation down payment programs that are tailored to your institution.


Deep industry knowledge and extensive experience in the housing market give us clear insight into the best approach for your organization

Easy to launch

Our programs are turnkey from beginning to end, take minimal effort to launch and manage, and can create self-renewing sources of funds


We work with you to design and implement successful solutions built on proven approaches, and offer ongoing asset management for investors and support for homebuyers

Landed is not a bank, loan originator, or servicer. Fund structure is flexible and can accommodate self-renewing funds under most market conditions. Landed holds certain real estate brokerage licenses. A list of our real estate licenses is available here.

Who do we work with?

financial institution

Financial Institutions

Meet your CRA and DEIB goals with our Government Sponsored Entity (“GSE”)-conforming programs, and support your LMI customers with an innovative low-risk solution

City Hall

City & State Governments

Stretch your dollars, support revitalization efforts in your community, and empower your constituents, especially those who have been historically underserved

Employer meeting


Give more to your team—improve loyalty and retention, incentivize your current employees to put down roots, and make differentiated, appealing offers that can attract top talent



Be a part of the solution—direct your funds to make a real, lasting impact on housing equality and accessibility through a well-established pathway and a proven investment model

Why shared appreciation?

Shared appreciation down payment programs are a mutually beneficial approach to homeownership for both homebuyers and funders, and are increasingly recognized as a forward-thinking solution to fill the gaps left by more traditional housing assistance programs.

How it benefits funders

  • Creates self-renewing pool of capital that recycles as homebuyers exit the program
  • Operates in parallel to the first mortgage underwriting and closing process
Investment graph-1

How it benefits buyers

  • Reduces down payment savings barrier without increasing monthly mortgage payments
  • Provides more flexibility and increased buying power, as well as protection against depreciation
How it Works-PRICE GOES UP