About Us


The Landed Story

We founded Landed in 2015 because we saw how essential professionals struggle to live in the Bay Area. In expensive cities, high land prices prevent individuals from becoming the long-term residents our communities depend on.

If we want stronger schools and safer communities, we need to uphold those who make it possible. That’s why we provide services like down payment support to teachers and school staff: if more of us feel at home, we all benefit.


Our Mission

Landed is on a mission to help essential professionals (starting with educators) build financial security near the communities they serve. We invest alongside teachers and school staff when they are ready to buy a home in expensive cities like San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Landed is always growing, and we now offer financial wellness education and resources for essential professionals, too.

Our Team

We are former educators, organizers, realtors, consultants, and investors working together to serve essential professionals.

Landed has the backing of Y Combinator, top banking executives, affordable housing policy experts, union organizers, philanthropists, Stanford economists, and prominent venture capital investors. To learn about the team behind Landed, read our bios here.

Meet the Team


Partner with Landed

We partner with school districts, real estate agents, and community organizations to provide Landed support to as many educators as possible. Our 80+ school district partners across the country include Denver Public Schools, South San Francisco Unified, Redondo Beach Unified, Santa Cruz City Schools, and Bellevue School District. To find out how you can partner with Landed, support our work, or become a homebuyer, please reach out to us today.

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