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4 tips to establish a great relationship with your real estate agent

Angie Kearns | 4 Feb 2021

There’s a lot to do when buying a home and at Landed we are committed to helping you easily navigate the process with the support of our internal team and external partners. Other than us, you will probably rely on your Landed partner real estate agent the most, spending a fair amount of time discussing the type of home you are looking for and visiting homes that may fit the bill.

Beyond the basics of making sure you’re punctual for meet-ups and return calls quickly, here are other tips for establishing a great working relationship with your agent:

Be honest and share expectations

Your agent wants nothing more than to help you find the perfect house for your needs. Tell them clearly what you want, what you want to spend, and where you want to live. If there are absolute dealbreakers, mention them upfront. This way your agent doesn’t spend time taking you to homes you’d never consider. Also, mention any concerns early -- your agent is there to help, let them! For example, share things, such as if you need to buy before a lease expires, if you are expecting a child, if a parent will be moving in with you, if you want to offset mortgage costs by renting out a portion of your new home, if you’ll be changing jobs soon, or will be traveling or otherwise unavailable in the next month or so. Be sure to also share details like your preferred communication method, best time of day to call, and mention any special needs or requests, such as having the agent drive you to see homes.

Learn protocol

When you are working with a real estate agent you want to be careful about how you interact with other real estate agents, brokers, etc. Make sure to ask your agent to explain the terms of your agreement so you understand, for example, whether you can go to open houses alone or should only go with them. Mistakes in protocol can complicate the process and put your agent in a tough spot with other agents, who might think you don’t have a buyer’s agent.

Trust your agent

They are experts, they know how to make a great offer, how to best negotiate, and they can foresee issues you might not. They also know real estate etiquette. It’s understandable that you are anxious about buying a home — it’s a huge purchase! But at Landed we have built a network of trusted, experienced agents who we regularly ensure are meeting the needs of homebuyers working with us. Note: If you’d like to switch agents for any reason, please contact your Landed Homebuying Programs Lead or Relationship Manager and they can help you find another match.

Be prepared to buy

Houses move fast in many areas and you need to move fast too. Once you’ve signed on with an agent it’s not the time for casual shopping. In the areas where Landed helps essential professionals buy homes, there are often multiple bids and you need to have your paperwork in order and know exactly what your price limit is so you are ready when you find the home you love! 

We know that buying a home is a big (and costly) deal. While you can’t control the entire process, you can make sure you are as good of a partner to your real estate agent as they will be to you. Remember, communication is really the key and they are your trusted advisor. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with them — you are in a "judgment-free zone." Make sure you and your agent are in sync and the homebuying process will be much easier.

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About the Author

Angie Kearns

Angela (Angie) Kearns has been coined the Prosperity Queen since entering her real estate career in 1998. Her mission in life is to connect her clients to prosperity while purchasing or selling their homes. Born in Philadelphia, PA, Angie relocated to Metro-Atlanta, where she became a radio personality covering various topics on love, self-love, and healing from emotional chaos. Known for interviews with celebrities and professionals who have mastered their craft, her radio talk show offered advice and impactful epiphanies. Surprisingly, not being a fan of sports at all, she also had a popular sports talk show. Think Angie would stop at real estate and radio? Think again. Her first success as an entrepreneur was in 1994 with a daycare center in Smyrna, GA called Teach Me Write Preschool. Today, you can find Angie impacting the lives of many through her speaking engagements for adults and high school teens. Angie is also the mother of two daughters who have inherited her tenacious trailblazing attributes.

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