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Christina and Tyler's Story: A Win-Win Solution

Cheyenne Morgan-Bortone | 13 Apr 2022

Ask Christina Hobson how she knew Landed was the best option to help her family buy a new home and she answers quickly.

“How could somebody not determine that Landed is the right fit?” said Christina, a human resources and payroll coordinator at the University of Colorado - Anschutz Medical Campus. “It's giving people the chance at an American dream, and you know how impossible that is today for most people. I don't see how anybody who needs help saving up to buy a home wouldn't want to take advantage of Landed’s down payment program. It's a win-win.”

Christina and Tyler

Christina, Tyler and their daughter outside their new home in Centennial, CO.

Christina first heard about Landed at work. Soon she and her husband, Tyler, a tax accountant and nurse’s aid to their daughter, were able to see a viable path toward moving into a larger home.

On their home wish list was more square footage, a yard, and vaulted ceilings (a special request of Tyler’s). When they found a newly remodeled three-bedroom, three-bath in Centennial, outside of Denver, they were ready to make an offer.

The big thing was it had to be in a really safe neighborhood,” Christina said. “And we loved the neighborhood, and the home is on a cul-de-sac with a big backyard. It was perfect for us.”

Before partnering with Landed, the couple had researched some other programs. Soon they found that they weren’t eligible for most, or the programs didn’t meet their needs.

They also did their homework on Landed, attending an information session, and making sure they fully understood the down payment program and the services offered.

“The biggest question was, ‘How does Landed get your money back and how does the equity portion work?’” Christina said. “Once that was answered, it made sense.” (You can see how it works here.)

They also were thrilled at the Landed partner agent they got to work with.

“I have friends who are real estate agents and no one has been able to hold a candle to Andrea,” Christina said. “I didn't have to worry because I knew she was taking care of us. If I had a question I could text her. That is a great feeling. And she was always pointing out little things like, ‘Hey, you might want to ask for this or you might want to have this checked out.’ We were like, ‘Whoa, we never would have thought of that.’”

Now, the couple is eager to tell more essential professionals about Landed so they too can get support.

“We want people to know that when it comes to the Landed program, it's not too good to be true,” Christina said.  “I think it might scare some people who think, ‘What's the catch?’ You're always waiting for that little hook to get you. But with Landed, there isn’t one. It benefits everybody.”


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About the Author

Cheyenne Morgan-Bortone

Cheyenne is a marketing associate at Landed and is passionate about creating meaningful content to help homebuyers make informed decisions. As a first-generation college graduate who grew up on the Navajo Nation, she is dedicated to giving back to the community that supported her along her journey.

Looking for Landed's down payment program? Due to a temporary unavailability of DPP investment funds, all Landed metro areas are being put on a DPP waitlist effective September 8, 2022. You can read all the details (including FAQs) here if you would like to know more.