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All Denver Public Educators Now Have Access to Landed Down Payment Assistance

Alex Lofton | 20 Apr 2018

Last year, the Denver Post revealed that the Mile High City is one of the least affordable housing markets if you're an educator.

Much of this is due to the fact that educators in Colorado have seen their wages seriously decline over the past several years. This is a disgrace and disappointment, and it must change. It's especially surprising for such a beautiful state that has made tremendous progress in many, many other ways.

Another reason Denver is so unaffordable for educators is because the cost to access long-term housing options, by buying a home, is increasingly out of reach for anyone. What's required to put in for a 20% down payment on a home in the City and County of Denver is creeping past $100,000, an amount to which few families have access.

This is why, in partnership with Ben and Lucy Ana Walton's Zoma Foundation which invested $5M to support educator homeownership, Landed's down payment program is now available to all educators and school employees of Denver Public Schools.

We are building on an initial pilot in partnership with DSST Public Schools.

Check out the CBS news segment on the announcement!

If it wasn't for a wide community of school partners, civic activists and community groups, and for the initial stewardship of Tony Lewis and the Donnell Kay Foundation, there's absolutely no way we'd be able to announce our work with the single biggest school district Landed has partnered with to date. Not to mention, the first partnership with a district outside of California!

We're hoping this is just the beginning of what Landed can offer the warm and friendly people of the great Centennial State.

If you want to learn more about our efforts to support educators and school employees in Denver, please don't hesitate to drop us a line: hi@landed.com

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About the Author

Alex Lofton

Alex Lofton is a co-founder of Landed. Origin: the Pacific Northwest. Proud product of Bellevue Public Schools. Believes that valuing Black lives isn't zero-sum. Decompression methods: time outdoors, playing the ‘funcle’ (fun-uncle) role, and the dance floor.

Looking for Landed's down payment program? Due to a temporary unavailability of DPP investment funds, all Landed metro areas are being put on a DPP waitlist effective September 8, 2022. You can read all the details (including FAQs) here if you would like to know more.