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Landed Launches in DC

Ian Magruder | 29 Oct 2019

Building a career working in education in Washington DC can be wonderful and challenging at the same time. While public schools in DC have among the highest pay in America, housing prices are also among the highest, making it difficult even for reasonably compensated employees to be able to purchase a home and build financial security.

Given the real recruitment and retention challenge posed by housing in the District, earlier this year the DC Deputy Mayor of Education’s office reached out to Landed to see if we would be interested in bringing our program to the public educators in the city. Given that only 44% of public school educators in DC live in the district, the DME’s office was looking for solutions to help educators build roots closer to the schools they serve.

Following several months of planning and partnership, we are thrilled to share that Washington DC has become Landed’s first city on the East Coast and our programs and services are now available to all DC Public Schools and public charter school employees. This is just the start, and we hope to expand to be able to serve educators in Maryland and Virginia early next year. 

As DC Mayor Muriel Bowser shared, “our educators should be able to live in the city they serve. Over the past decade, our community has made big investments in attracting and retaining high-quality teachers for students across the District. This partnership with Landed will build on those efforts and ensure that DC continues to be an attractive and rewarding place for our educators to live and work.”


Landed will be hosting a series of informational events for educators and their partners at schools across the district in mid-November. Interested school employees can sign up for Landed and find all of the upcoming events in DC here: www.landed.com/dc


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About the Author

Ian Magruder

Lead for Partnerships and Expansion at Landed. Former campaign organizer, current volunteer leadership development trainer, and forever a seafood lover.

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