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Preparing for Homeownership

Landed's Down Payment Program for Repeat Buyers

Kathleen Denning | 25 Feb 2022

With over 2,000 down payment programs in the U.S., you might think Landed is more or less the same as the rest of the bunch.

The good news is we aren’t, in big part because we don’t have the same restrictions on who qualifies and where you can buy. This allows us to help more essential professionals and means you have more choices when it comes to buying a home.

Here’s more on what sets us apart from the pack:

You don’t have to be a first-time homebuyer.

We are on a mission to help essential professionals build financial security (and generational wealth) near the communities they serve –– whether they are buying a home for the first time or not. That means we don’t limit down payment funds to first-time home buyers. The typical American lives 13 years in each home that they own. This translates to owning roughly four homes during your adult life, whether you move for work, more space, to downsize, or to finally get your dream house. Landed can help you at every transition.

There’s no maximum income or purchase price restrictions.

Most down payment programs have strict income caps and if you make more you can’t participate. With Landed, both low- and high-income buyers can qualify for our down payment program, and you can purchase the home you want –– whether it’s $80,000 or $10 million (you will still have to qualify for a conventional loan, based on your finances).

Programs that allow higher-income candidates to qualify are extremely rare these days, and strict price caps can limit your options to lower-priced homes.  At Landed we want to support you, regardless of your income.

You have more options as to where you can buy. 

Many down payment programs are run by city or county governments, so you are geographically limited to a specific city or county. However Landed typically invests by greater metro area, a region that spans multiple cities and counties. As a result, our down payment program gives you greater flexibility in where you can buy. Keep in mind that while our program offers expanded footprints, we do have some geographical constraints: we can’t invest in rural properties, and even within our chosen metro areas, certain cities and neighborhoods may not be available.

While these are three big ways that we are different, there are also other ways we can help you navigate buying a home. We offer support throughout the process and will always be there to answer your questions. 

In addition to our in-house down payment program, we can help you:

  • Find a real estate agent in your area that knows local properties and all about how Landed works 
  • Get mortgage assistance through Landed Home Loans
  • Buy a home without using our down payment program  
  • Sell an existing home 

Connect with other down payment programs (if ours isn’t a good fit for you)


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Preparing for Homeownership

About the Author

Kathleen Denning

Kathy's career has been in Mobility and Real Estate - industries she was attracted to due to her personal experience moving internationally as a child. Her career has focused on business development including securing new accounts, developing existing accounts, implementing innovative ways to leverage technology to drive business, and creating sales enhancement and development programs for employees and independent contractors. She was attracted to Landed's core values of acting with humility and finding what's fair. Her greatest joy at work is helping people around her grow and succeed. She received her Bachelor's in English Literature at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN, and her MBA from Saint Mary's College in Moraga, CA. She has lived in Canada, the US, Scotland, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sweden. She loves kayaking, collecting fishing lures, and fiber arts.

Looking for Landed's down payment program? Due to a temporary unavailability of DPP investment funds, all Landed metro areas are being put on a DPP waitlist effective September 8, 2022. You can read all the details (including FAQs) here if you would like to know more.