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Landed Updates

Landed’s First Year in Colorado

Paula Davis | 3 Apr 2019

Almost exactly one year ago, in April of 2018, Landed announced our partnership with Denver Public Schools in Colorado. It was our first time bringing Landed's program to a public school district outside of California – the first time testing our tools in a new environment. And after a year, I’m happy to report, it seems to be working.

Here are some numbers showing how far we’ve come since beginning our work in Colorado. Over the past twelve months, we’ve:

  • Had conversations with over 800 educators across the Denver and Boulder metro areas.

  • Helped nearly two dozen educators into homes worth $9.25 million in total.

  • Established a great team of nearly 30 Colorado Landed partner agents.

  • Expanded from one to three excellent participating lenders.

  • Deployed $975,000 in down payment investment funds.

  • Partnered with 50% of school districts in the metro area.

On the other hand, there are parts of Landed’s existence in Colorado that are harder to quantify. For one, Landed is meeting Colorado educators where they are. We’ve helped educators in vastly different situations make their housing dreams a reality. From a teacher who was tired of renting and hoped to buy her first condo, to a longtime educator looking to upsize when some of her grandchildren moved in with her and her husband, and many in between, everyone has a unique story.

"I am a teacher for DPS, and we chose Landed because it gave us the opportunity to find the house of our dreams. We chose Landed because of the opportunity to invest together without an additional monthly payment. This is something our family really needed."

–Kelsey Kempter, Landed homebuyer and Denver Public Schools employee

Another way we’ve grown and are working to meet people where they are is by offering more than just down payment funds. Landed offers free homebuying education and guidance, and a homebuying team (including our Landed agent network) that stands by you at each step of the journey – whether or not you choose to use Landed's down payment program.

 Landed, together in Colorado.Last week, the entire Landed team convened in Colorado for the first time. We hosted a financial wellness event with The University of Denver’s Morgridge College of Education and a happy hour with one of our original Denver partners, the Donnell-Kay Foundation. It was gratifying to bring everyone together. As the sole team member based in Denver, it felt good to have the rest of the team alongside me in person, for them to meet so many of the folks they’ve exchanged countless calls and emails with, for them to drive the same streets our homebuyers traverse, and to pass the schools where they work. They got to experience the sun and the altitude and the thinner air, but most of all, they got a better sense of this state, this city, and this community.

It’s a community we’re all proud to be part of. 

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Landed Updates Colorado

About the Author

Paula Davis

Paula works on the Customer Experience team, where she is Landed's Colorado Relationship Manager. She is a former teacher, sled dog trainer, and Policy Fellow for The Donnell-Kay Foundation.