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Landed Partner Agent Profile: The Babbington Team

Henry Demasco | 23 Sep 2021

We established Landed's partner agent network to ensure our customers could be connected to high-performing, local, and dedicated real estate agents to help navigate the homebuying process.

Within the DC, Maryland, and Virginia markets (collectively known as "the DMV"), one of Landed's leading partners is The Babbington Team. This team, led by Margaret Babbington, consists of eight licensed agents and has closed transactions with more Landed customers across the DMV than any other partner agent or team. 

Here's what the team had to say about their work with us: 

Q:   Why did you decide to partner with Landed?
A:   As soon as we heard about Landed in DC we were instantly excited and honored to be partner agents. The mission to make home ownership more accessible to those who support the backbone of our society - teachers, healthcare providers, government employees and so many more - was a no brainer for our team! The Babbington Team is powered by a deep desire to educate and motivate our clients, friends and family to live their best lives and our partnership with Landed expands that vision to the very best people in our society.

Q:   Why is working with essential professionals something you’re excited about?
A:   Essential professionals have some of the hardest jobs and truly they come to work every day because they care about the impact that they have on our world. They hold all of us together and the idea of being able to provide professional real estate services and match their commitment, loyalty and drive to their careers by making this one milestone a seamless experience is such a tremendous opportunity. The day to day of an essential professional leaves very little room for the personal parts of life and to meet our clients where they are in the process, answer their questions, see properties on their behalf, negotiate for their financial wellbeing and keep their home purchase on track is the thrilling job of a Landed partner agent.

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The Babbington Team, who are Landed partner agents, consists of eight licensed real estate agents working across the DMV.

Q:   What are the biggest trends you're seeing in the DMV housing market?
A:   Single family homes continue to be highly desirable and competitive. The condominium market has remained strong in buildings that have outdoor space, balconies and other amenities, but the pandemic has certainly changed “city living” as it relates to large condo associations. We’ve seen a significant strengthening in the rental market, which is great for investors and those looking to build equity through real estate.

Q:   How competitive is the DMV market?
A:   The DMV market is hyper local and very property specific as many people are now changing their work style, commute and “must haves” when it comes to home. The single family market remains very competitive with multiple offers, price escalations and waived contingencies when priced appropriately. While most areas of the city still remain a technical “seller’s market”, the high intensity of spring 2021 has slowed a bit. We anticipate a very strong Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 market for buyers and sellers as both rates and inventory remain low.

Q:   Given that level of competition, how do you help your buyers’ offers stand out?
A:   Real estate is a relationship driven business. We believe firmly that an offer should tell a story about a buyer that is ready, willing and able to purchase this home and will make it all the way to the closing table. We make communication with the listing agent a top priority so that they understand the buyer is an essential professional, that they are well qualified to purchase the property and the partners of lender, title company, etc. are vetted and able to fulfill their portion of the transaction. We also ask important questions of the listing agent to best understand what is most important to the seller so that we are sure the offer we are putting in front of them is compelling. Finally, we work with our buyers to best understand their level of motivation and how competitive they are prepared to be and really walk through the various strategies used to win in competition so they feel comfortable every step of the way.

Q:   What’s one piece of advice you would give to homebuyers in Washington, DC and the surrounding area (specifically first-time buyers)?
A:   Get very clear on your search parameters of the “perfect” property for you, your lifestyle, and your financial situation. If you know the things that are an automatic “yes” or “no” for you in a property, communicate those freely with your agent so that you’re only seeing the very best matches for your search. This city and the surrounding area has so much to offer, you’ll be able to find your place in the world, but the more clarity you have around what that looks and feels like for you, the better your home search and purchasing process will be. Also, never be afraid to ask questions! This is a major financial investment and you deserve to walk into it with eyes wide open - that is our job as your agent. We hope you are excited to purchase your first home and we look forward to walking alongside you!


Want to learn more from The Babbington Team, and ask Margaret any questions about your homebuying journey?

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Henry Demasco

Henry leads brand marketing at Landed, bringing experience from various marketing roles at two other venture-backed real estate brokerages (Compass and Side). He began his career in the creative agency world, and is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and Oxford University.

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