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Meet Faith and Benny

Jess Zhao | 11 Dec 2017

Stories are powerful. When people sell their home, some want to know a little bit more about their prospective buyers, beyond what standard offer contracts can provide. This is where the ‘buyer letter’ comes into play. Our homebuyers often include buyer letters with their offers, and one of these letters in particular struck a real chord with me and my team.

One of the most powerful offer letters we've read came from Faith, an educator at Ravenswood City School District, her partner Benny, and their beautiful family. It's a wonderful articulation of what homeownership means for many folks.

For our team at Landed, it’s humbling to, in one small way, make these types of dreams come true. Although we changed names to anonymize the sellers, I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did!

Dear Jane and Sam,

Without resorting to hyperbolic clichés, we are without words to adequately convey how immediately amazed we were upon first entering your beautiful home, how full of gratitude we are for the obvious care and love you’ve put in over the years.

Our family, which includes two beloved senior rescue dogs, Frank and Maggie, and two rescue kittens, Louise and Gremlin (fostered as bottle babies, then foster-failed when we couldn’t let them go!), has long been in search of a warm, unique space to grow in and to share with our extended community. One thing that we are especially excited about is the sweet cottage in the backyard, as it is the perfect space for Benny’s mom, Sherry to enjoy her sunset years gardening and reading books on an easy chair with the French doors propped open. We can envision walking the dogs to Dimond Park, walking our eventual human children to Sequoia Elementary, building community amongst neighbors. Until recently, this dream seemed entirely out of reach in the Bay Area, particularly with Faith working as a public school teacher in East Palo Alto, a notoriously low-paying district in a notoriously under-served community. In a stroke of absolute fortune, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative partnered with Landed to provide down payment assistance to teachers in her district, making it possible for us to begin this journey that landed us squarely at your door and deeply in love with your home.

We are sure you will be receiving multiple incredible offers from other individuals who are keen on the home’s many unique qualities, and we hope our offer is one you will seriously consider.

Thank you for the years of careful maintenance, and your painstaking attention to detail. If our offer is accepted, all of us, Frank, Maggie, Louise, and Gremlin included, will be sure to continue the legacy of this beautiful home, honor the bones on which it is built, and take the absolute greatest care of it.

Thank you,
Faith and Benny


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Jess Zhao

Jess is Head of Customer Experience at Landed, where she spends her days working with homebuying teachers. You can reach her at jess@landed.com