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Meet Robert Blase, a Landed Partner Agent

Emily Eshman | 9 Aug 2019

Landed is proud to have nearly 100 fantastic real estate agents in our network across the Bay Area, Southern California, Denver-Boulder, Hawaiʻi, Portland, and Seattle metro areas. We asked one of our Denver agents, Robert Blase, to share his story. So far, Robert has supported four Landed homebuyers in the Denver Metro Area, and we look forward to working with him as he supports many more school employees in the future.

Can you tell us more about your background and how you got into real estate?

I started working in the hotel industry when I was 12 years old and quickly learned what customer service was all about. I stayed in the hospitality industry for the better part of 15 years prior to switching over to mortgages. As a mortgage lender, I learned the importance of educating homebuyers so that they can understand their options, what type of mortgage they are getting, and the process. Eleven years in this industry helped me realize the need for a real estate agent who explains the process in great detail, especially to someone who has never purchased a home before. I got my license over five years ago and have never looked back.

Two of Robert's Landed homebuyers, Ethan & Whitney

Why did you join Landed's agent network?

The best part of my job is helping those who truly need it. Landed is an amazing platform, designed specifically to help educators in need of a helping hand – which aligns with myself and my company’s philosophy. It wasn’t until I had children myself that I realized how rough I made it for my teachers while I was growing up. While I wasn’t the worst student, I didn’t make their jobs any easier. Knowing how teachers struggle each day to make a living, feed their families, and provide a safe place to stay makes me want to help as many educators as I can, so they can have a nice, safe place to take care of their families.

What are some common pitfalls that you see homebuyers make?

The biggest pitfall I see is a lack of awareness of homebuying programs that are available to individuals. There are programs for first-time homebuyers (such as CHFA), programs for teachers (such as Landed, Giving to Heroes, and CHFA), programs for our public servants, programs for veterans (VA Loans and Giving to Heroes), and even programs for professional athletes (designed around their contracts). Partnering with different lenders allows me to help clients in a much larger capacity. Each lender has different niches that they focus on. Because of my lending background, I spent a year and a half interviewing hundreds of lenders to ensure the ones I work with will treat my clients with integrity and provide exceptional, knowledgeable service to my clients.

What does education mean to you?

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” –Benjamin Franklin

We never stop learning. Education has changed so much, even from the time I graduated. When I was in school, we didn’t have cell phones or computers, and I’m only in my early 40s! Our world is changing so fast, and teachers are the backbone of that – challenging our students to be stronger, faster, and more creative and innovative. Education isn’t just in the classroom; it is always evolving. Every day, I am blessed to meet new people – whether it’s clients, athletes, or people I meet at the grocery store. If we listen, we learn. Every person continues to learn in their classrooms, in their work environment, in their sport, and in everyday life.


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About the Author

Emily Eshman

Chief of Staff and Head of Social Impact at Landed. Idahoan, blue devil, and teacher.

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