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Landed Updates

Reading Rainbow: Landed Edition

We asked the Landed team to contribute their most memorable reads from the past year, and folks shared everything from fantasy novels to eye-opening memoirs to create a well-rounded summer reading list.

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Stories of the Imagination
Into the Environment
Reflection & Growth
Personal Development

Stories of the Imagination

A Game of Thrones


George R. R. Martin

“Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you. Remember that, Sansa, when you come to play the game.”
“What...what game?”
“The only game. The game of thrones.”

“This book – the first in 'A Song of Ice and Fire' – is filled with drama, comedy, evil, dragons, love, and so many wonderful strong female characters.”

–Sara King, Office Manager.

Crazy Rich Asians


Kevin Kwan

“It is crazy that its real. I finished this book in seven hours – literally just wanted to sit and continue flipping the pages.”

–Annie Vasishta, Customer Experience.

There There

Tommy Orange


“A fascinating fictionalized account of the Native community living in the Bay Area today. The culminating event of the book is the Big Oakland Powwow, and Tommy Orange masterfully tells a vast collection of stories that pull the entire cast of characters into this event. I read it in a day because I was so eager to see how everything would unfold.”

–Lauren Guite, Customer Sales Operations.

Into the Environment

Cadillac Desert

Cadillac-Desert-by-Marc-ReisnerMarc Reisner

“This book is a rare nonfiction gem about an urgent public topic (water policy in the American West) that stands the test of time. It feels as relevant today as it did when it was written in the 1980s. It might seem like a dry topic, but Reisner writes a vivid history of how water shaped the West with stories that are so colorful and compelling that they read like fiction. Youll laugh, cry, and learn a lot in the process.”

–Ian Magruder, New Partnerships.

The River

Peter Heller

The-River-by-Peter-Heller“At the top of the knoll they fol­lowed a game trail to a ledge of broken rock as if they weren’t the first who had sought the view. And they saw it. They looked northwest. At first they thought it was the sun, but it was far too late for any lingering sunset and there were no cities in that direction for a thousand miles. In the farthest distance, over the trees, was an orange glow. It lay on the horizon like the light from banked embers and it fluttered barely so they wondered if it was their eyes and they knew it was a fire.”

“Do you like canoeing? Do you not like canoeing? Youll probably like this book either way. Its about a canoe trip, but also about friendship, a fire, choices, an injury, and life. Great storytelling, great suspense, and great to be transported to the Maskwa River in northern Canada as you read. (Shoutout for a local Denver author!)”

–Paula Davis, Colorado Regional Organizing.

The Source

Martin Doyle


“This book has a seemingly boring premise – the goal of the book is to explore how rivers shaped development in America. But as you read the book, you are just overwhelmed by how much of what we experience today (our systems of governments, the shape of our cities, our power systems, etc.) exist in their current form because of the historical problems that large, powerful rivers that cut across states introduce! I was surprised by how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and how often I recommend that people read it.”

–Jonathan Asmis, Co-Founder.


The Earthsea Trilogy Power

Ursula K. Le Guin


“The esteemed author of The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas graces us with yet another amazing series of reads. The Earthsea Trilogy has always been one of my favorite fantasy collections, rivaling the work of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. As an integral part of my childhood, these stories forced me to comprehend life through a more mature, selfless lens, and have continued to passively shape my interactions with colleagues, friends, and relatives respectively. These books may not be as exemplary as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but they certainly accomplish the same objectives and are definitely worth picking up if you are in the mood for a philosophical and beautiful adventure!”

–John Wallace, Business Operations Intern.

The Proposal

The-Proposal-by-Jasmine-GuilloryJasmine Guillory

“This book is a ton of fun! I read it on vacation this spring, and it is a page-turner. Despite the title being ‘The Proposal,main character Nikole Paterson is not planning on marriage when her boyfriend presents a very public proposal. This is a contemporary romance novel (according to the genre on the cover of the book) and gives a vibrant account of millennials dating in LA!”

–Lauren Guite, Customer Sales Operations.



Becoming-by-Michelle-ObamaMichelle Obama

“I mean... Michelle Obama, need I say more? Our former First Lady not only has a fantastic story but shes a phenomenal storyteller as well. She tells a beautiful story of family, friendship, love, and sacrifice and does it with humor, humility, and grace.”

–Nikki Lowy, Partner Success.

Decision Points

Decision-Points-by-George-W.-BushGeorge W. Bush

“George W. Bushs tenure as President has been a controversial topic in American and global politics, but rarely have we sought to examine the logic behind his actions/inactions from his own perspective. This book seeks to re-evaluate his legacy, and I can guarantee that it is a most interesting read, whether you like him or not. I havent read this book in a while, but I remember thoroughly enjoying his rhetoric. Very thought-provoking.”

–John Wallace, Business Operations Intern.

Small Fry

Small-Fry-by-Lisa-Brennan-JobsLisa Brennan-Jobs

“Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the oldest daughter of Steve Jobs, tells a poignant and sometimes painful story of her complicated relationship with her dad as she grew up in Silicon Valley and he built his company. Shes an incredible writer and has an uncanny ability to capture fragile and confusing emotions of growing up with a distant and withholding father as he became world-famous. Even if her father wasnt Steve Jobs, this would still be a compelling read.”

–Nikki Lowy, Partner Success.

Reflection & Growth

Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion

Father Gregory Boyle


Part of the problem is that, at its core, we tend to think that shame and sin, if you will, happen to someone else. Tattoos on the Heart follows the story of Greg Boyle who works/runs Homeboy Industries. Homeboy Industries supports those who have been impacted by gang violence in reintegrating into society/community. This book taught me what it means to show compassion to anyone and everyone. To accept them with their no matter whatness. It's something I encourage everyone to read, especially given the climate that were currently in – one where we sometimes do not recognize the humanity in one another.”

–Annie Vasishta, Customer Experience.

Silent Spring

Silent-Spring-by-Rachel-CarsonRachel Carson

“This book is about the power of one persons ability to create a narrative that changed the world. Rachel was not a scientist, and yet she (with help from many others) played a key role in jumpstarting the entire greenmovement. I think of this a lot as it relates to how we fund our education system and pay our educators. I wonder what it would look like to create a similar kind of narrative to jumpstart a conversation about pay.”

–Jonathan Asmis, Co-Founder.

All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation

Rebecca Traister


“When people call single women selfish for the act of tending to themselves, it’s important to remember that the very acknowledgment that women have selves that exist independently of others, and especially independent of husbands and children, is revolutionary. A true age of female selfishness, in which women recognized and prioritized their own drives to the same degree to which they have always been trained to tend to the needs of all others, might, in fact, be an enlightened corrective to centuries of self-sacrifice.”

Lauren-Guite-with-Rebecca-Traister-with-captions“This is my all-time favorite book by one of my favorite authors. Rebecca Traister weaves together history, politics, economics, feminist theory, extensive interviews with a diverse group of women, her own experience, and more to create a fascinating account of the lives of women in America. The book is extremely well-researched and fact-based, but I read it as quickly and relentlessly as if I were reading a novel. I found this book to be life-affirming, and I recommend it any chance I get!”

–Lauren Guite, Customer Sales Operations.

Personal Development

Tiny Beautiful Things

Cheryl Strayed

“Most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be. Sometimes you’ll put up a good fight and lose. Sometimes you’ll hold on really hard and realize there is no choice but to let go. Acceptance is a small, quiet room.”

“This book is for anyone who has ever felt anything. As someone who doesn’t read or like advice columns, I can’t recommend this book of compiled advice columns from Cheryl Strayed’s Dear Sugar column enough. It is honest and sad and beautiful and uplifting in the same conflicting but perfect way that life can be.”

–Paula Davis, Colorado Regional Organizing.


Amir Levine


“This book taught me more about myself and my relationships. It allowed me to reflect on my own communication style, why it is what it is, and how to become more secure in all of my relationships – both romantic and platonic. It is a book that will not only allow you to reflect, but also put into action some of the learnings the author(s) have uncovered. If you’re struggling to communicate with others, create healthy boundaries in relationships, or find yourself being overly anxious/avoidant when it comes to relationships, this is a great book to pick up! Also, if you’re secure but have folks in your life who are anxious or avoidant, this book will allow you to better understand and support folks in becoming more secure.”

–Annie Vasishta, Customer Experience.


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