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Real Estate & Housing

Talking Housing Innovation at Harvard

Alex Lofton | 15 Nov 2019

Tackling skyrocketing housing costs has recently risen to the list of high-profile issues corporate America – especially tech giants in Silicon Valley – are stepping up to help solve. This is welcome news as we need innovation from all corners to solve such an intractable issue.

The work we do at Landed – to help essential professionals build financial security through homeownership – is one tool in a much larger toolbox made up of stakeholders from the private, public and nonprofit sectors constantly cultivating creative ideas and potential solutions to the affordable housing crisis. Today, I’m excited to represent Landed at two convenings in Boston that speak to the current energy for innovation in the housing sector –Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies “Innovation and Housing: Lessons from the Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability” Conference and the Terner Center's Housing Lab Summit.

Landed was among the inaugural recipients of Ivory Innovations’ Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability earlier this year, which seeks out innovative approaches to affordable housing nationwide to support and help scale more broadly. At today’s convening, I’m looking forward to participating in a panel discussion on innovations in finance moderated by Carol Galante, former Federal Housing Commissioner at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. From design to construction to finance, the organization’s work to elevate creative solutions across the housing sector is fostering true collaboration while helping expand the reach of meaningful housing solutions to more communities.

As an advisor to The Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley’s Housing Lab, I’m honored to participate in a fireside chat today with Housing Lab leadership to discuss reflections related to building a company with other housing startups. The Housing Lab connects entrepreneurs in the housing space with industry leaders to access capital and advise on growing and scaling their businesses to have a greater impact on the housing crisis nationwide.

These convenings help elevate the many creative minds putting energy into expanding access to affordable housing to those who need it most in our communities. And they leave me feeling energized, inspired and motivated to continue Landed’s work to help educators put down roots in their communities and classrooms, and to seek out others to join our efforts.

Real Estate & Housing

About the Author

Alex Lofton

Alex Lofton is a co-founder of Landed. Origin: the Pacific Northwest. Proud product of Bellevue Public Schools. Believes that valuing Black lives isn't zero-sum. Decompression methods: time outdoors, playing the ‘funcle’ (fun-uncle) role, and the dance floor.

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