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Working with Your Agent

What You Need to Know About Choosing an Agent

Henry Demasco | 25 Feb 2021

A frequent conversation we have with customers during an initial call is about choosing an agent. Many people interested in working with Landed have an existing relationship with a real estate agent, especially as a family member or friend. While it is possible to work with an agent you already know, we created the Landed partner agent program to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience during their homebuying journey.

To understand the challenges of working with a family member or friend and the advantages of working with a Landed partner agent, we talked to Angie Kearns, our Principal Broker and Compliance Lead.

With over 20 years of experience as an agent and broker in the real estate industry, and with deep personal experience buying and selling homes, Angie is an excellent resource and knows all the ins and outs of choosing an agent! Here’s her take:

Why do people tend to work with agents who are friends or family members?
AK:   A lot of people already know a real estate agent, and that’s because there are a lot of agents out there. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is actually the country’s largest trade association, with over 1.4 million members nationwide. But having a strong personal relationship with an agent doesn’t guarantee you’ll have the best experience. In fact, sometimes it can work against you!

What are some of the challenges of working with an agent you are close to personally?
AK:   The most important thing is that you as a homebuyer have a trusted, experienced advisor that will guide you through every step of the process, answering all your questions while also helping you hedge your bets in the face of uncertainty.

On the other hand, working with a real estate agent who is a friend or family member creates some challenges, including:

- A family member or friend won’t be fully objective, and is often unable to look past their own opinions about what is best for you. (For example, friends and family may encourage you to go for a “good deal” above all else, when you may want something with a little more curb appeal.)
- A family member or friend will get emotionally involved, when what you really need is a calm, highly professional presence in your life.
- A family member or friend may prioritize other clients’ needs ahead of yours, confident that you will be flexible and understanding and you can and will adapt accordingly.
- A family member or friend may expect you to work around their schedule, and not vice versa.

This is exactly why we created the Landed partner agent program!


Angie Kearns, Landed's Principal Broker and Compliance Lead.

Who are Landed partner agents?
AK:   Landed partner agents are vetted real estate agents in your area who can help guide you through each step of your home search with Landed. Just like our participating lenders, we have trained these agents on how our programs work and how best to serve Landed’s customers. The results speak for themselves: 95% of Landed homebuyers in 2020 said they would recommend their Landed partner agent to a family member or friend.

What are the advantages of working with a Landed partner agent?
AK:   There are so many advantages! First of all, we have very high standards for our partner agents. They are vetted based on their knowledge, experience, and desire to serve essential professionals. That means that when you as a Landed customer are matched with one of our partner agents, you are going to be in good hands. That’s because Landed partner agents are trained to anticipate their clients’ needs in advance, spotting both red flags and new opportunities for you as a homebuyer.

We have also given our partner agents access to a proprietary web app that updates the agent and the rest of the team supporting you at Landed with any changes to your file. This helps your team act quickly, offering assistance that helps maintain your momentum.

And finally, every time one of our customers works with a Landed partner agent, the agent contributes a significant portion of their commission back into Landed. So by working with a Landed partner agent, you’re making it possible for us to serve more essential professionals, and help them build financial security near the communities they serve. Is that great, or is that GREAT?

Thank you, Angie — we think it’s great, too :-)

There are other advantages to working with a Landed partner agent, and to understand why one former customer to work with a partner agent instead of a relative, have a look at this reflection by Annie Vashista.

And if you’re ready to take the next step and learn more about what a Landed partner agent could do for you, we would be happy to connect you to a member of our team:

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Working with Your Agent

About the Author

Henry Demasco

Henry leads brand marketing at Landed, bringing experience from various marketing roles at two other venture-backed real estate brokerages (Compass and Side). He began his career in the creative agency world, and is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and Oxford University.

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