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How can we help you?


Build Your Team

A Landed partner agent

Our network of experienced agents are dedicated to helping essential professionals like you.

95% of Landed customers recommend their Landed partner agents.


A participating lender

Get a mortgage pre-approval from one of our reputable participating lenders, including Landed Home Loans, an affiliate business.


A Landed homebuying coach

A member of our team will guide you through the process and help when the unexpected happens (it often does!).


Find a Home & Make an Offer

With the Landed down payment program

Make an offer on homes with Landed’s shared appreciation down payment program.

Learn more about the down payment program.

Without the Landed down payment program

Use savings or another financial program while working with a Landed partner agent and homebuying coach.

In either case, we have your back.
Make use of our internal property review team, with over 40 years of combined experience working in real estate, to review your property reports and help you make a safer, smarter investment.


Enjoy Homeownership!


Graduate from the Landed Partnership

We work with our down payment program buyers to help them find the right time to end their partnership. Homebuyers buy out Landed by refinancing their mortgage, selling their home, or using other funds.


Discuss your finances with a lender

Work with Landed Home Loans, an affiliate business, to see what you qualify for today and how your can prepare for making a future purchase. 

The Landed Home Loans works almost exclusively with essential professionals and can help with savings guidance, credit repair, and more.


Meet with a realtor to see what's available

We’ll connect you to a Landed partner agent to help evaluate your neighborhoods of interest.

95% of Landed customers recommend their Landed partner agents.


Connect with us to discuss these options

For many of our customers, homebuying is more feasible than they thought. No matter where you are in your journey, we can help! 
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Note: (1) Terms, including our maximum investment, vary by region; $120k is our maximum offering in many locations. Sign up to find out the maximum in your area. (2) If you sell your home and it’s appreciated in value, you retain both your original down payment as well as any mortgage principal you’ve paid down. You will be responsible for selling and closing costs.

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