How Our Down Payment Program Works
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The Process
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Your dream home cost: $500,000

(Home prices may be higher or lower in your area. This example is based on a home in Denver, Colorado.)


You need a $100,000 down payment

But that seems nearly impossible!


You can partner with Landed to get the $50,000 you need today

There are no monthly payments to Landed, and our fund helps more educators.


We help you find your dream home and contribute to the down payment

In this $500,000 home example, you put in $50,000, Landed puts in $50,000, and the bank provides a $400,000 loan.


Your dream home becomes your real home

You pay the costs of ownership but don’t make any monthly payments to Landed.

Some time passes, while you live happily in your home

Landed makes its return on investment when you sell or buy out the investment

For giving you half of your down payment, you'll share 25% of the investment gain or loss with Landed.


If your home goes up in value,
 both you and Landed win

Sale Price $600000
Gain +$100000
Landed’s share of gain +$25000
Landed’s down payment $50000
Landed Keeps $75000
Your share of gain +$75000
Your down payment $50000
Mortgage principal paid down $85000
You Keep $210000

If your home goes down in value,
 both you and Landed lose

Sale Price $400000
Loss -$100000
Landed’s share of loss -$25000
Landed’s down payment $50000
Landed Keeps $25000
Your share of loss -$75000
Your down payment $50000
Mortgage principal paid down $85000
You Keep $60000

These are estimates only. Contact us for more information.
“Mortgage principal paid down” is based on staying in your home for 10 years. You can learn more about your mortgage here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Landed's down payment program?

Currently, Landed's down payment program works with specific school districts, colleges, and universities in California (San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles Metro Area, and San Diego Metro Area), Colorado (Denver and Boulder Metro Areas), the state of Hawaiʻi, Massachusetts (Boston Metro Area), Oregon (Portland Metro Area), Washington (King County Metro Area), and Washington, D.C. (DMV Metro Area).

If that's you, please reach out to us here or email us at!

We are in the process of expanding to other cities across the United States, so you are welcome to sign up even if your city is not eligible yet. :)

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Is the down payment program the only thing you offer?

Landed offers more than our down payment program. We're committed to supporting the educators we serve.

  • We provide a personalized team that includes a partner agent and a Landed homebuying expert.
  • We support you with free homebuying education and guidance.
  • We provide competitive property reviews to help your home offer stand out.
  • We help you navigate all of your options for buying a home – including our own shared equity down payment program, which helps school employees get to a 20% down payment without any income restrictions.

The homebuying journey starts long before you’re financially ready to buy a home. No matter where you are on that journey, we will work with you to find a path forward.

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