Writing A Buyer Letter

Landed | 26 Jun 2019

Here at Landed, we want you to be able to submit the most competitive offer you can. Use the guide below to write an effective buyer letter to submit with your offer package.

Please let your Landed account manager know if you need another set of eyes to look over it – and if you don't have an account manager yet, you can sign up with us here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Guide to Writing a Buyer Letter

Trying to stand out in a competitive situation? We’re here to help!

Elements of a Strong Offer Letter:

Connect with the seller.

  • Understand your seller and what this home means to them. How will you maintain the home they’ve grown to love?
  • Acknowledge they may be receiving other offers.
  • If you can, address your letter to the first names of the sellers.

Be specific about the home.

  • Highlight aspects of the home you’re excited about.
  • Talk about why this location or neighborhood is important to you.
  • Be specific about the future you envision there.

Differentiate yourself from others.

  • Tell your personal story.
  • Share your long-term commitment to your community. How does the work you do make a difference?

Include a heartwarming photo of you and your family.

  • It doesn’t need to be fancy or professional – just one that showcases who you are.

Be conscious of the length of your letter.

  • We recommend keeping your letter to a maximum of one page.



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