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Preparing for Homeownership

How Landed Supports You in Buying a Home

Alie Kelley | 14 Feb 2022

Buying a home is hard. We have been through it hundreds of times, and each purchase has its own fun twists and surprises. The homebuying process has a lot of steps, a lot of different people to coordinate, and lots of complicated and nuanced terms and documents. That is why we are here to support you.

We have built (and are continuing to improve) resources to help you buy a home. You are essential to our community and to our community’s future, and we want you to be able to put down roots here. Read on to learn about some of the key stages we have in place to support you as you purchase your home. We’ve included feedback from a few of our homebuyers, too!

Steps you can expect when working with Landed

    1. We get to know you, and we care about you as a person.
      We start your homebuying journey with a phone call so we can learn more about you and your goals. From there, we work to match you with the Landed home program that seems like the best fit.

      “Landed was extremely prompt in communication! In the short amount of time that we worked with the program and its employees, we felt we developed a personal connection. They seemed genuinely interested in helping us get our home as quickly as possible – in this Bay Area market, speed and efficiency are so important! But everything on their end was taken care of in a very quick and timely manner.”
      –Corina T.

    2. We connect you with a great team.
      After our initial call, if you want to work with us, we give you a Landed pre-approval that demonstrates we are committed to helping you buy a new home for your family. During our next call, we set you up with a great team of partners who will support your journey. This team includes:
      1. A Landed partner agent who is a great fit for you. Our agents love supporting local educators and have gone through an extensive vetting and onboarding process with us. Your agent will prioritize your home search and handle all the little details to make your homebuying process smooth and efficient. (You can read more about how we partner with agents here.)
      2. One or more Landed participating lenders. Our participating lenders will walk you through the mortgage pre-approval process, answer all of your questions, and help you know what mortgage and home pricing options are currently available to you. All of our lenders have competitive rates, and we work with you and your loan officer to understand your pre-approval.
        To learn more about one key factor for your mortgage pre-approval, read Jesse’s post: “What is a debt-to-income ratio?”

        “[Landed was] informed, always available, supportive, and encouraging. The process took a lot of time and energy, but I was lucky to also have added financial support and a great realtor and loan officer. All parties worked so well together to make it happen.” –Tricia M.

        “Landed communicated expectations and anticipated questions that we would have. They provided prescreened professionals that we could depend on.” –Lars G.

    3. We support you with  free homebuying education and guidance.
      One of our top priorities is to make sure you feel informed and prepared for all of the steps in your homebuying journey. We have made a homebuyer dashboard with guides and resources to help you learn about everything from attending open houses to making an offer and getting through escrow to your closing day when you officially sign off and get your keys! (You can read more about this process in Jess’s post, “How Do You Actually Buy a Home?”)

      Your Landed team is always available to hop on the phone and dive into key housing concepts or answer any questions that may have popped up along your journey.

      “[What Landed did very well was] communication, timeline reminders, education about homebuying and homeownership.” –Carlee R.

    4. We help you win your offer.
      We work with your Landed partner agent to help you win your offer and feel confident in your decision. Here’s how:
      1. We provide market comparables (“comps”) for homes similar to the one you are making your offer on. This can help you come up with your number and feel confident you are getting a fair price (or a good deal!).
      2. We give you a Landed letter of support that your Landed partner agent will include in your offer package. This letter gives extra financial strength to your offer, showing the seller you have additional backing. More importantly, it explains the importance of keeping educators in their communities they serve and how choosing your offer would do just that!
      3. We add weight to your offer by having a Landed homebuying expert call the selling agent. This is an optional support piece we offer that your Landed partner agent may request. Depending on the situation and seller, it can be helpful to have one of our homebuying experts call to explain Landed and how choosing your offer would have a great impact on the community.

        “You were like our cheerleaders and made everything feel easy, including the paperwork!” 
        –Dy N. & Jen F.

    5. We give you confidence in your new home choice.
      For every Landed homebuyer, we provide extensive property review support. As information becomes available about your new home (home inspection reports, sellers disclosures, Home Owners Association documents, and more) we have an expert team of property reviewers who take the time to understand all the fine details about the home. These documents are long, time-consuming, and can often have confusing language and unclear information – especially when you are seeing them for the first time and working under a tight closing deadline to understand what everything means.
      1. Within 24 hours, for every document we receive, we share back simplified notes explaining any great standout details the document included about your property, any yellow flags you should be aware of for the future, and any red flags (if any) about components of the property that may be unsafe or worth looking into further.
      2. The goal of this property review is to make sure you are knowledgable about the state of the property and any work (if any) you might need to do. We want to help you land a home that is safe for your family at a fair price.

“I wasn’t going into it blindfolded. You guys were able to guide me and it made a big difference. I felt more sure of myself.”
–Angelica E.


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Preparing for Homeownership

About the Author

Alie Kelley

Alie Kelley is a former educator who is driven to find innovative solutions that remove barriers and open doors for greater social mobility and equity. She works with Landed's customer account management team.

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