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Your Agent's Role During Closing

Landed | 28 Jun 2019

Your real estate agent has been there for you to help find the home of your dreams. How will your agent continue to support you once your offer is accepted?

You’ve built a strong relationship with your agent, and that person will continue to work hard supporting you until you get the keys to your new home (and probably after, too!).

1. Gathering disclosures and inspection reports: Your agent will be working with the listing/seller’s agent to gather the necessary disclosures and inspection reports once you’ve entered a contract (especially if they weren’t provided beforehand). Your agent, along with your Landed team, will review each document and provide you with notes highlighting important details so you can make informed decisions about your potential new home. If a report shares something that may raise a red flag (such as a crack in the foundation), your agent can help find licensed professionals to learn more and understand if there should be follow-up steps.

2. Monitoring contingency timelines (if applicable): Your agent will coordinate with the necessary parties to obtain the necessary information you need to remove any contingencies that were placed on your offer. For example, if you have a loan contingency, your agent will work closely with your loan officer to ensure everything that’s needed is being taken care of.

3. Conducting a final walkthrough: Prior to closing, you will do one final walkthrough of your new home with your agent. This is to ensure that no damages have occurred since you entered the contract and the seller has left behind what was agreed to stay in the home according to the contract. If there were damages to the home that the seller agreed to take care of prior to closing, this would be the time to double-check to ensure those items were indeed remedied. This final walkthrough should eliminate any potential surprises.

4. Coordinating all parties involved: During the closing period, there are many people and parties to coordinate. Your agent will be in constant communication with the sellers, lenders, and escrow folks involved so you can close on time as seamlessly as possible.

5. Advocating for you: Your real estate agent will be double-checking all the details and speaking up for what you need during this period. Your agent will continue to be a resource for any and all questions you may have before you get the keys to your new home!

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Former educators on the Landed team created these materials to help you on your homebuying journey. Landed supports educators on the path to homeownership by providing a personalized team that includes a partner agent and a Landed homebuying expert. We help families navigate all of their options for buying a home, including our own shared equity down payment program. Our team provides free homebuying education and guidance as well as competitive offer reviews for educators. Landed works with K-12, college, and university employees in expensive metro areas like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Hawaiʻi. To learn more visit landed.com.

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