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Tips For Working With a Real Estate Agent

Landed | 25 Jun 2019

Understand how to build a rapport with your real estate agent and work together in order to find the right home. The infographic below lays out five tips for working with a real estate agent as a buyer.

Some questions you might have for your real estate agent include:

5 tips for working with your agent

5 Tips For Working With Your Agent
  1. Make Your Expectations Known

  2. Talk Through Must-Haves & Neighborhood Preferences

    Let your agent know home features you absolutely cannot live with and without, as well as wishlist features. Remember they might not all be possible, so it’s helpful to rank. Share the why behind your preferred neighborhoods so they can help you find similar areas, if needed.

  3. Discuss Open House Protocol

    Will you attend together? Should you leave your agent's business card with the agent hosting the open house?

  4. Be Transparent With Your Budget

    Make sure your agent knows your ideal and maximum budget so they can provide houses in your price range (in competitive markets, houses may sell for higher than listing).

    Ask your agent about your local market and what to expect. This information will also help your agent negotiate for you down the line.

  5. Understand Agents Work On Commission

    If an agent does not transact (help you buy your new home), then he or she won’t get paid. Agents are highly motivated to do a good job for you. (When you are a buyer, the commission your agent gets comes from the seller's agent – you don't pay them!) Your agent is on your side.

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