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We are former educators, organizers, realtors, consultants, and investors working together to serve essential professionals. Read our bios below to learn more about us.

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Joe Akanesuvan

Software Engineer

Jonathan Asmis

CEO & Co-Founder

Martin Bouroncle


Kay Contreras

Relationship Manager

Azul Cortez

Relationship Manager

Siobhán Cronin

Data Engineering

Jaimelynne Cruz

Property Operations Lead

Paula Davis

Relationship Manager

Ryan Delaney


Emily Eshman

Customer Operations

Norma Hilary Gibson

Product - Internal Tools

Andrew Ho

Software Engineer

Lauren Guite

Customer Sales Operations

Angie Kearns

Principal Broker & Compliance Lead

Alie Kelley

Customer Account Management

Sara King

Office Manager

Alex Lofton

Growth & Co-Founder

Winston Lofton

Relationship Manager

Nikki Lowy

Partner Success

Ian Magruder

New Partnerships

Maria Maxfield

Property Reviewer

Kelley Nayo-Jahi

Community Outreach

Jay Plant

Customer Development

Ramon Quitales

Software Engineering

Kathryn Rees

New Partnerships Launches

Grace Sakurada

Business Operations

Anne Taylor

Recruiting Manager

Tiffany Testa

Administrative Operations

Annie Vasishta

Customer Account Management

Jesse Vaughan

Finance & Co-Founder

Jess Zhao

Customer Experience