Customer Testimonials

Sara and Isaac

Sara and Isaac

“With Landed’s help, we purchased a wonderful home which we envision being filled with love and laughter as our kids grow to call this their childhood home.”

–High school teacher and social worker who purchased a home in San Mateo, California

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LaTanya and Ron

“We were impressed with how smooth the process of working with Landed was. In the span of just over a month, we went from having just heard of a new program called Landed, to having our offer on our new home accepted.”

Seventh grade math teacher and U.S. veteran who purchased a home in Denver, Colorado

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Erin and Rick

Erin and Rick

“Partnering with Landed made the dream of owning a home a reality.”

–High school teacher and account manager who purchased a home in Redwood City, California

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Carol and Fidel

“Landed offered an alternative to more debt so that instead of paying rent, we would be building wealth when we pay our mortgage.”

–High school teachers who purchased a home in San Francisco, California

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