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Customer Stories

Sara and Isaac

“With Landed’s help, we purchased a wonderful home which we envision being filled with love and laughter as our kids grow to call this their childhood home.”

High school teacher and social worker
San Mateo, California
Read Sara & Isaac's Story


Boulder, Colorado

Claudius' Story

Kevin and Vinson

Washington, D.C.

Kevin and Vinson's Story

Rose and Rich

Oakland, California

Rose & Rich's Story

Danny and Andy

“It was always a dream to own a home, but it was something we'd given up on. We thought, It probably won't happen for us. But here we are. Miracles happen.”

Speech language pathologist and filmmaker
Los Angeles, California
Read Danny & Andy's Story

Here's what our homebuyers have to say.

“I was sold at having a team to help me to buy a home in Southern California. My Landed account manager was my personal cheerleader. She was clear, concise, thoughtful, and always available. During these past 3 months, she made sure I knew the terms, the options, and communicated needs right away. She is kind, caring, intelligent, and an educator.


Being a former teacher, she understood the chaos with the job, the balancing act, and was patient and flexible when talking on the phone. She reassured us and never gave up on us even though many times we felt like stopping [the homebuying process]. She is top-notch and goes above and beyond what I ever expected.”

Lorrie in Los Angeles, CA

“We were able to purchase our new home without the added stress of having to put an offer on it with a contingency to sell our other home. This made our offer stronger. Without Landed we would have not had such a smooth transaction and would have been under some pressure to sell our house quickly. Landed was very transparent through the whole process.”

Amy in Denver, CO

“I started looking at homes without a real idea of how to afford it or what homes were available to me. When I found Landed it felt like the pieces started to fit together much more; homebuying felt much more doable and I felt like I had a team behind me to help me make decisions.


Landed was very helpful in putting me in touch with all of the resources I needed – a great realtor, a bank, and a team to consult with and make sure I had all of the documentation I needed.”

Emma in Seattle, WA

“When the option became available in our county it was a no brainer for us! Excellent communication and guidance. We love the realtor that you paired us with. We also felt very secure in the decision process of picking a home since Landed thoroughly looked over the inspection reports. In terms of what Landed could do better: We can’t think of anything!”

Cate in Santa Cruz, CA

“My husband and I could afford a monthly mortgage payment but hadn't yet been able to save up a down payment. With the housing market so crazy where we live, we were very worried that we would never be able to save enough to keep up with the rising prices. Landed helped us get in the door to the market.


Our Landed liaison was incredibly involved, very supportive, and really fought for us. Most of all, we really felt like she truly cared about us in the process – our well-being, our stress levels, our comfort, our happiness. We could not have asked for more. Really, I cannot think of one thing I would say could be improved upon. Our experience with Landed was amazing.”

Sara in Los Altos, CA

“Landed communicated well, provided exceptional customer service, and was creative when we ran into the glitch with the appraisal. I am not sure if Landed could do anything better.”

Jeffrey in Bellevue, WA

“We think the process with Landed was so great that we cannot think of anything that would need improvement.”

Dalene in Westminster, CO

“Landed provided an opportunity for my husband and me to place an offer on the home that was within our budget and met all of our expectations to grow our family. Landed's contribution to our down payment allowed us to forgo mortgage insurance, saving our family almost $2,000 a month. With these savings, we can hopefully [exit the partnership with] Landed faster and reduce the length of our mortgage payment.


Landed was communicative with all the contributing agencies, including our bank and realtor. This saved my husband and me many hours, as we were forwarded the emails sent back and forth from Landed. Landed also remained transparent in their role and gave my husband and me the freedom to choose the home we wanted and trusted our decision.”

Lisa in San Jose, CA

“There are several alternatives [that help with] homeownership, but Landed was the most effective, generous and helpful. The positive nature of our professional relationship since my introduction to the Landed team, specifically my account manager, has been a positive assistance at every step. Thank you.”

Nestor in Oakland, CA