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Landed is on a mission to help essential professionals (starting with educators) build financial security near the communities they serve. We invest alongside teachers and school staff when they are ready to buy a home in expensive cities like San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

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We've helped 100+ educators purchase homes this year.

"With Landed’s help, our kids will grow to call this their childhood home."
Sara and Isaac in San Mateo
High school teacher and social worker
"Partnering with Landed made the dream of owning a home a reality."
Erin and Rick, Redwood City
High school teacher and account manager
Erin and Rick in Redwood City

Financial Wellness

In addition to down payment support, Landed offers financial wellness education and resources for educators and their families.

Regional Resources
We provide lists of homebuyer resources for each state where we work.
Landed now offers financial wellness webinars, community resource fairs, and other special events.
How Do You Actually Buy a Home?
How Do You Actually Buy a Home?
At Landed, we think about the homebuying process in three phases: preparation, selection and offers, and closing. We’ll dive into each phase in more detail.
What Are Closing Costs?
What Are Closing Costs?
Closing costs are one-time costs associated with closing the transaction. These are paid before you get the keys and close on your new home.
Homeownership Assistance Programs
Homeownership Assistance Programs
As the challenge of accessing homeownership persists, more and more programs for down payment assistance are now available.
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